Lone Survivor: Post-Apocalyptic Premade Book Cover Design

Lone Survivor

Request Cover Tags: man, soldier, army, gas mask, mask, helmet, combat, gun, rifle, stranger, desert, sand, dust, rock, boulder, mountain, sky, cloudy, action, sci-fi, science…

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The Final Sword: Fantasy Premade Book Cover Design

The Final Sword

Request Cover Tags: man, model, warrior, soldier, gladiator, armor, shirtless, handsome, roman, greek, sword, cape, shield, fire, lava, clouds, fantasy, high fantasy, army, battle

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The Last Stop: Thriller Premade Book Cover Design

The Last Stop

Request Cover Tags: man, stranger, silhouette, hood, hooded man, train, train ride, cloudy, stormy, murder, mysterious, mystery, thriller, death, blood, blood splatter

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