Chasing Hope: Premade Fantasy Book Cover Design

Chasing Hope

Request Cover Tags: woman, princess, queen, blonde, dress, blue dress, fae, fairy, forest, woods, magical, enchanted, fairy tale, fantasy, gold, yello, blue, teal, turquoise

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The Diamond Effect: Premade Fantasy/Science Fiction Book Cover Design

The Diamond Effect

Request Cover Tags: diamond, emerald, amber, gem, jewel, stone, precious, beautiful, elegant, fantasy, sci-fi, science fiction, futuristic, night, sky, space, stars, galaxy, magic, purple, green,…

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Blood Hunter: Premade Urban Fantasy Book Cover Design

Blood Hunter

Request Cover Tags: man, vampire, shirtless, muscular, suit, jacket, dracula, dark hair, castle, moon, full moon, night, supernatural, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, red, green

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