Spirit Taker: Premade Urban Fantasy Book Cover Design

Spirit Taker

Request Cover Tags: woman, reaper, grim reaper, brunette, scythe, blade, cemetery, graveyard, grave, tombstone, night, moonlight, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, blue, purple

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Blood Hunter: Premade Urban Fantasy Book Cover Design

Blood Hunter

Request Cover Tags: man, vampire, shirtless, muscular, suit, jacket, dracula, dark hair, castle, moon, full moon, night, supernatural, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, red, green

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Shades of Ghoul: Premade Urban Fantasy Book Cover Design

Shades of Ghoul

Request Cover Tags: woman, cop, office, police, detective, agent, brunette, leather jacket, jeans, gun, pistol, trees, branches, moonlight, night, magic, city, rain, storm, blue, red,…

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Black Magic: Premade Urban Fantasy Book Cover Design

Black Magic

Request Cover Tags: woman, witch, sorceress, black, leather, brunette, ponytail, sitting, fire, magic, forest, woods, road, street, glowing, green, orange, urban fantasy

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The Final Eclipse: Romance/Urban Fantasy Premade Book Cover Design

Final Eclipse

Request Cover Tags: man, woman, couple, handsome, beautiful, sexy, formal, dress, black dress, suit, blonde, dark hair, moon, moonlight, night, eclipse, orange, golden, teal, blue,…

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